How To

How To Use the Awareness Guides:


The Awareness Guide helps you think about what could happen so you can plan ahead. The concept of the Guide is to expand your situational awareness to help figure out what lists to make. The Guide also makes a great tool for task management and organization.


Look at any of the columns and put the words together. Use that as a starting point to think of other things. Compare and combine the words from the columns of the guide in any order and think of what it could mean to you. The different groups and categories in the Guide help you make your own sentences using the words from the Guide. Try to visualize what the context is for yourself and discover a bigger picture of your surroundings.


You can use dry erase or washable markers to circle and connect different words on laminated pages, or erasable pens and pencils if printed on plain paper from the digital file. You can also use the words in the guide to make shopping or task lists.


Each Awareness Guide has several word groups or categories of words based on a theme. Each group is a list of words in a column that is part of the overall theme. When you re-order the words in the groups you can make different sentences, scenarios, or timelines. Connect or move the words and groups around and combine them in different ways to make Schedules and Lists, or fill in Planners.